Mucuna Pruriens Makes You Einstein (without the whiskers, because that’s creepy)

You know, now that I come to think of it, that I sometimes feel like a complete doofus. And when I do, I remind myself that I cannot be the most stupid person in a world with 6 billion others. Gotta be someone else out there that is as intelligent as a brick, no? The possibility that someone sits behind me in this aspect gives me the impetus to wake up every morning. Anyway, I read somewhere that some choices in life can help you increase your cognitive powers, and the first idea that hit me was OMG, they hammer RAM chips into people’s heads these days. However, I did dig around further, and found that the solution was far less dramatic-and traumatic-than that. I also watched a number of movies about Wallstreet sharks who snort nootropics (and other substances) on a daily basis, and realized that I had to have me a piece of this pie, sorry, powder.

mucuna pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens Seems To Be The Solution To Fried Brains, Amirite?

This supplement, said to have been around for a ton of years, seems to be ideal solution if you are looking for a nootropic-for the dummies, that is a substance that boosts your brain power without effectively making you a piece of broccoli. It turns out that a small helping of this natural product has the power to push your IQ levels to post-Hawking heights. Which might make you just about the smartest cookie on earth, but then it mightn’t. There are tonnes of websites that sell this organic superfood powder.

Feeling Like A Little More Brain?

Mucuna pruriens is always available both online as well as in brick and mortar shops, and if you can lay your hands on this magic powder, then, by God, have at it. You can take anything between 500 and 1,000 mg per day, and if you do it consistently, might possibly be able to remember everything you did from April 1, 1985, when your mama sent you out to untether Billie The Goat. Oh, by the way, it’s not possible to remember everything you have done since April, 1, 1985, most probably because, you know, just because.

Apart from increased brain power, mucuna also gives you a feel good factor, which allows you to wade through each difficult day without a care in the world, of course, unless you are servicing a pile of student loans, in which the experience is less savory.