It’s Time to Spin with Your Favorite Dictators in the Dicators Casino Slot

The online casino industry will stop at nothing to make their games more interesting and grab the attention of the players. For years, casino slots have been bringing us depictions of beautiful girls, amazing sceneries, and luxurious lifestyles most of us can only dream about. Just look at the Playboy Slot from Microgaming, Pimp from Netent and Beer Haus from WMS. In the onslaught of these repetitive themes, Betsense stepped out of the box to create a slot featuring world’s most famous dictators.

Yup, you read that right. The latest creation by Betsense is your average slot machine with coins, paylines, and bonuses, but the main characters you’ll encounter on the reels are some of the most notorious dictators of all times – the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Gadaffi, Napoleon, and Castro.

Funny or Controversial?

It is hard to answer this question about the new Dictator slot, as it really depends on your point of view. The developer clearly wanted to make fun of some of the historical figures who became notorious for their crimes but also for many quirks in their behaviour. Some could be offended by this game, but if you approach it with a healthy measure of reason, you’ll see it for what it is – a parody.

Without dwelling too much on the game mechanics itself (it’s a casino slot after all, you spin the reels to win), bonus features are worth mentioning. The first one is nothing special, as you just get some free spins if you land three Napoleon scatters on the reels, but the second one, triggered by three Hitler bonus symbols is hilarious.


Snipers and Rockets

When three Hitler symbols land on the reels, you’ll be taken to a mini-game consisting of two parts. First, you’ll use your sniper rifle to take down the dictators strolling around. Feel free to go for the least favourite ones first, as there are no fixed rules. Every successful kill will bring you cash rewards until you take a wrong pick. Then you’ll proceed to the second part of the bonus.

If you thought the first one silly, this one is just hilarious, as you’ll be in charge of firing North Korean missiles. There are three colourful missiles to choose from, and if you pick the right one, you’ll see it successfully hit its goal, awarding cash in the process.

As a slot, Dictator doesn’t have a particularly bright future ahead, as it doesn’t offer too many features gamblers would find attractive. As a game in its own right, though, it is pretty funny and liberating, so it is worth giving it a shot even if only in the play money mode. When the video slot gets launched you will most likely be able to claim some free spins without wagering requirements from some of the most popular online casinos.